• Supporter Comments Sfm Team: Sfm For Mac

    Supporter Comments Sfm Team: Sfm For Mac

    A list including your operating system, your graphics card, and the version of the SFM. For example, 'Windows 7 Professional, NVIDIA GTX 580, SFM' If applicable, attach screen shots of the bug or the.dmx file that shows the bug.

    Hmmm, let's see. PoC EFI rootkit Morcut – a.k.a Crisis FileCoder Sabpab Tsunami backdoor for Mac OS X discovered Lamadai SX/Devilrobber (a.k.a. OSX/Miner) Imuler Revir Flashback Backdoor:OSX/Olyx.B Blackhole RAT (darkComet, MusMinim) OSX/Boonana OpinionSpy HellRTS – a.k.a. HellRaiser Mac/Hovdy.A Tored.AA Mac/PokerPlay Imunizator And the list goes on. These are just malware I haven't added mac viruses The thing is, that if it can be controlled by code, it can be hacked. The Mac is not immune.

    XD There are still 10 times more viruses for windows, you can't deny that. And it's not so much apple saying this as fans. Come on, you know as well as I do that if it wasn't for microsoft's exclusivity agreements over the years apple would have crushed them. Lack of third party support was the only thing holding apple back.

    Supporter Comments Sfm Team: Sfm For Mac

    It's the way of the world, whoever gets the most,or biggest contracts wins. It's why betamax died, it's why laser disc died, it's why hddvd died, it why the Dreamcast died. It's a miracle apple hung on this long. And that was only because they managed to get a foothold in a few industries like the movie effects industry and had a much stronger performance in other creative fields early on. (though that has fallen off in more recent years).

    Download samsung spp-2020 printer print driver 3.00 for mac. Raptorn, wow, I didn't know you were such a Mac Fanatic. Got to remember that Gates WAS on the Apple team in the beginning. Both he and Joe made millions (I only wish I had bought shares back then.) But each system has it's own perks and devils. I'm really surprized that there are a lot more linx guys in here crying for this.

    The QT environment is cross portable (from what I've read). The Apple guys are just going to have to wait for this to come out of PC Beta, once that's done, they can scream all they want and see if Steam/Valve complies. Well, yeah, thats where Windows came from.

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    The infamous Lisa incident. LOL granted both ripped off Xerox. And tandy had Deskmate a year before windows came out. XD and I wonder if this will ever come out of beta. Sometimes it seems like they barely pay attention at all, then a random update will come with even more feature we have no clue about.

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    Add to that it seems this board has no moderators at all. I've never seen a valve person here. Not to mention have no clue about anyone that has worked on this.

    I'd be tempted to enter the saxxys just for the chance to meet sfm programmers. And would go with a list of questions. A REALLY long list.

    Windows NT's Services for Macintosh ( SFM ) gives NT server AppleTalk Filing Protocol ( AFP ) support so that Mac users can then access the NT server just like a Mac AFP server. If you have a a few Macs and want to add file and print sharing using your existing NT infrastructure, then this is a good approach. Once SFM is installed you can create Mac-accessible volumes through the MacFile option added to Explorer. For NT admins is the no-nesting rule for macintosh-accessible volumes. You can not net mac volumes. Create any shares at the same level as in c: mac macshare1, c: mac macshare2. You can not nest shares as in c: mac maclevel1share and c: mac maclevel1share level2share.

    When you create a mac-accessible volume, you specify a password which an Mac client must use to gain access to the share. You can also apply Mac permissions which map to NT permissions: Mac Permission NT Permission See Files Read See Folders Read Make Changes Write and Delete Another issue is partition type. Macintosh files use a data fork and a resource fork. The data fork contains the content of the file whereas the resource fork contains Macintosh OS info including icon, font, menu, and code. NTFS supports both a data forks and resource forks whereas FAT/FAT32 only supports the data fork. Thus file sharing for Macintosh has to be on an NTFS partition. Mac print sharing can be installed on a FAT partition since only the data fork is the only fork used for printing.

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    There is a network issue in supporting Macintoshs. Older Macs have LocalTalk ports which is SLOW 230Kbps. If cost is no issue, you can add EtherTalk support. If it is an issue, you can link to the Ethernet domain by adding a LocalTalk / EtherTalk router. SFM can be used for data sharing between Macs and PCs.

    SFM does not do data translation. The files are stored in Mac formats, it emulates a Mac AFP server.

    PCs can access the data if they have an application that does data-translation. Microsoft Word is an example of a cross-platform application that would work. If you try this is long file name support. Mac clients support up to 32 characters in file names whereas Win9x and NT support up to 256 character file names. If all documents are created by Mac clients and PC clients access only, there should be no problem.

    Supporter Comments Sfm Team: Sfm For Mac